Precedent is a quarterly lifestyle magazine for Toronto lawyers. The Office of Gilbert Li art directs and designs every issue. My responsibilities include: art direction, editorial design, drawing spot illustrations, commissioning photography, illustration and occasional prop styling. Below are a few select spreads I’ve had the pleasure of working on to date.

Covers and features

Samples of departmental pages

Back of book openers

Commissioned opinion illustrations

Secret Life


Studio: The Office of Gilbert Li
Creative Director: Gilbert Li
Commissioned illustration: Sébastien Thibault, Brandon Celi, Adrian Forrow, Jeannie Phan, Chloe Cushman, Tallulah Fontaine

Commissioned photography: Ian Patterson, Jaime Hogge, Christopher Wahl, Vicky Lam, Daniel Ehrenworth, Nancy Tong, Nick Wong, Chris Thomaidis, Lorne Bridgman

My Role: design, art direction, illustration and occasional prop styling.

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